We’re revealing how you can get more accepted offers during this tumultuous time! 

The July 24th episode of This Week in Housing covers all your questions on how to get more accepted offers, the latest numbers on purchase applications, and the newest data on the housing market recovery index.

David Childers from Keeping Current Matters and Alyssia Essig, Tom Ferry Coach and Rockstar agent joined me to cover the U.S. economy, housing recovery and latest unemployment numbers. 

We also talked about the six major challenges that agents are facing in their businesses right now. Not only do I talk about these challenges, but I also provide helpful solutions for you to push forward. 

I highly encourage you to take the time to listen and inform yourself so you can continue providing trust with your clients and help them make the best decisions with strong data!

In this episode we talk about…

1:47 Alyssia Essig shares how real estate is her first career and her passion for it

2:54 – We’re going to talk about the economy, housing recovery and unemployment numbers

7:22 – Listen up! We’re sharing how to get more offers accepted!

12:25 – David Childers shares the latest data on the U.S. recovery 

20:15 – Listen to the latest totals on consumer spending compared to 1/1/2020

27:30 – We share the macro data of the U.S. recovery 

28:26  – These are the latest numbers on purchase applications

33:12 – Discover the newest data on the housing market recovery index

42:48 – We share a complete look at unemployment numbers 

53:30 – Listen to the number of mortgages in forbearance fall for the third week in a row

54:02 – These are the alternatives to foreclosure after forbearance 

59:33 – Why unemployment rates and home sales do not have a truly direct relationship