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Tom Ferry Coaching Member Exclusive Benefit

“Real estate is a contact sport. Whoever talks to the most people wins.”
–Tom Ferry

Book more appointments!
Gain greater confidence! Develop better focus!

Ever struggled to pick up the phone and start dialing? Or been challenged to block out time to call? Ever wondered what’s best to say with different prospects? Or maybe you just wanted prospecting to be more — fun? If so, Prospecting Bootcamp can help you overcome your limitations so you can begin to dominate in lead conversion!

This 7-week program consisting of 1 hour of coaching and 1 hour of prospecting each week combines:

Powerful Video Training

Live Group Coaching Sessions

Consistent Role-Playing

Practical Homework Assignments

Prospecting Bootcamp turns prospecting into a daily discipline you can enjoy — because you’re more successful doing it.

You’ll Master Circle Dialing • Database • Additional Lead Sources

You’ll Compete With Others To Set The Most Appointments

You’ll Learn From A Master Prospecting Coach