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Listing Generation Tactics Pt. 2: Offline & Social Marketing

More than anything else, agents want EFFECTIVE listing generation tactics, because not all are created equal. That’s why Jason Pantana has taken all the plays he’s seen as a top coach and boiled them down to the 24 most effective.

On this episode of This Week in Marketing, Jason is continuing with Part 2 of his list of ultimate listing generation tactics. He’s opening up six more of the most effective plays that agents are running today to generate listings both immediately and over time.

If you’re not neck-deep in real estate listings right now, it’s not the market… It’s your listing generation tactics. So watch or listen to this episode and start attracting more sellers today!

In this episode, Jason discusses…

0:00 – Listing to last

1:30 – No. 7: Case Study Postcards

3:40 – No. 8: Better Buyer Follow-Up

4:55 – No. 9: Seller Streaming Ads

7:35 – No. 10: Organic Social Media

9:30 – No. 11: Seller Seminar

11:30 – No. 12: Open Houses