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24 Ultimate Listing Generation Tactics Pt. 1

Listing generation tactics are everything in your real estate business. The agent who lists is the agent who lasts, and you’re not going to get more listings without running the type of high-quality marketing that reaches and resonates with consumers.

Real estate marketing icon and coach Jason Pantana has seen every listing generation tactic ever run. He knows what was working yesterday, what’s working today, and what’s certain to work tomorrow.

In this episode of This Week in Marketing, he’s breaking down the first six of 24 ultimate listing generation tactics that agents can run to sell more homes and ultimately control their markets.

Watch or listen, right here!

In this episode, Jason discusses…

1:26 – 1: Home Valuation CTAs

5:08 – 2: Seller-centric ads

9:00 – 3: ZMA Equity Checkup

12:45 – 4: Weekly Database Email

16:40 – 5: Local SEO/SEM

21:50 – 6: Online Reviews