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2023 Greatest Hits: This Week in Marketing

Over the last year, This Week in Marketing has provided agents with some of the most groundbreaking, effective marketing strategies in real estate.

Jason Pantana has interviewed some of the top rising agents today, covered the gambit of real estate marketing channels, and kept his followers on the cutting edge. As we move into 2024, we figured we’d share some of our favorite moments from This Week in Marketing from the past year.

This is This Week in Marketing: Greatest Hits 2023! Watch or listen, right here!

In this episode, you’ll get:

0:00 – Intro

1:11 – Dennis Yu on ChatGPT

3:08 – Tom & Jason on email

5:45 – Luke Acree on print marketing

7:54 – Shannon Gillette on video strategy

11:35 – Jesse Stein on data privacy

13:23 – Eileen Rivera on postcards

15:05 – Katie Day and Ken Pozek on video CTAs

17:12 – Sandee Payne on social media operations

19:16 – Ian of Austin on Google Local Guides

21:38 – Shane Burgman on content creation