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The Enduring Power of Real Estate Print Marketing

Real estate print marketing is getting overlooked in favor of digital channels. Now, I’m not saying that digital channels aren’t vital (they are), but if you’re not taking advantage of print, you might be missing the key to grabbing the attention and emotions of buyers and sellers. (Did you know that print mailers are SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN to cause a greater emotional response?!)

In this episode of This Week in Marketing, Jason Pantana talks with the President of ReminderMedia, Luke Acree, about the under-appreciated power of real estate print marketing. Jason and Luke are talking about the best high-level strategies and detailed tactics for getting more engagement from your postcards and magazines, including the best frequency for sending and how to parlay your mailers into relationships.

This episode is an absolute must-watch for any agents interested in omnichannel or real estate print marketing, so be sure to watch or listen right here.

In this episode, they discuss…

0:00 – Physical marketing

2:20 – Why you need physical real estate marketing

5:46 – The frequency illusion

7:05 – The three core principles of FIT

12:00 – Creating impact

18:00 – Consistency of brand

21:25 – Rapid-fire best practices

23:32 – Postcard tactics

26:06 – Mistakes in physical real estate marketing

30:35 – Mastering the longer sales cycle

36:18 – The values of a brand