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Crafting Your Personal Real Estate Brand on Social Media

Building a personal real estate brand is not about simply creating content or acting in a certain way. For Shannon Gillette, a personal real estate brand is all about telling the story of who you authentically are – and then leveraging strategic social media marketing to maximize the long-term efficiency of your content.

Sounds complicated, right? Well, it’s not when she explains it. In this episode of This Week in Marketing, Jason Pantana interviews Shannon about her unconventional path to finding and cementing her personal real estate brand within her market. You’ll learn:

  • The platforms to leverage
  • The best ways to tell stories with your content
  • How to make sure everything you post comes back to serve you over the long haul
  • And much more!

If you want to make your social media marketing count, I recommend you listen to Shannon’s advice and then start strategizing your personal brand today.

In this episode, they discuss…

0:00 – Introducing Shannon Gillette

1:25 – Building a brand in an unconventional way

4:29 – The decision to become an influencer

6:35 – Leveraging the media of the day

9:46 – Platforms to leverage

12:49 – Shannon’s advice on branding

14:42 – High-level strategies

17:55 – How to do the research

20:20 – The basics and benefits of a brand