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The 3 Hyperlocal S Factors of Social Media Video Performance

Real estate social media video performance isn’t just about the amount of people you reach; it’s about the specific audience you want to reach. That’s why platforms like Instagram and TikTok are so valuable – because if you work the algorithms correctly, it’s possible to pump your content straight to those people in your area looking to buy or sell.

To help you push your real estate video content to the right audience, Jason Pantana has three critical “S Factors” of social media video performance. In this episode of This Week in Marketing, Jason walks you through how to make your content more Searchable, Streamable, and Shareable, boosting your viewership and the engagement you get from it.

Every real estate agent who is killing it on TikTok or Instagram has these S Factors locked down, whether they know it or not. So, I’d recommend you watch or listen to what Jason has to say, then watch your social media video performance skyrocket.

In this episode, Jason discusses…

0:00 – Finding the right audience

2:16 – Interaction equals visibility

5:45 – Searchable

9:30 – 1-2-3-NEW

13:51 – Shareable