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Postcard Marketing for Leveling Up Your Geographic Farm

Postcard marketing is sadly overlooked, even for agents with a geographic farm. That’s because it’s not cheap, and if you’re not doing it right, you won’t get the results you should.

Eileen Rivera understands that postcard marketing is both an art and a science. And to succeed, you must understand both aspects. In this episode of This Week in Marketing, Jason Pantana talks with Eileen about how real estate agents can use postcard marketing to take their geographic farms to the next level by implementing the right tactics.

Watch or listen to this episode, and then I want to see you R&D some of these postcard plays!

In this episode, they discuss…

0:00 – Postcard marketing for success

1:50 – Targeted marketing

5:14 – All about the message

7:42 – High-level strategy

13:00 – Before engaging in a geographic farm

17:42 – Finding inspiration

23:42 – Tactical sending

28:15 – What not to include on a postcard

31:04 – Things you can do now