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Top Real Estate Coaches on Marketing for Listings

The marketplace is changing… Selling a house today is a lot harder than it was yesterday, and on top of that there’s some news which has the potential to change our entire industry. If you ask me, or any of the top real estate coaches out there, now is the moment when you need to adjust your marketing to be hyper-focused on getting listings.

So, what are the best listing attraction marketing strategies being used today? On this episode of This Week in Marketing, Jason Pantana sits down with two other top real estate coaches, Kristi Jencks and Jeff Bannan, to find out. They’re talking next-level, advanced tactics that even new real estate agents can use to gain control of the inventory in their markets.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a new agent or an industry veteran because this episode is essential for anyone who is looking to stay on top of our shifting environment. Watch or listen, now!

In this episode, top real estate coaches discuss…

0:00 – Meet Kristi & Jeff

4:05 – For the new or solo agent

6:34 – Open house opportunities

10:15 – FB events and stacking open houses

14:35 – Videos for generating listings

20:28 – Sphere of influence

25:30 – Knowledge that changes lives

28:00 – Videos that set you apart

31:27 – Defining who you are

35:50 – Connect with Kristi & Jeff