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Troubleshooting Google Business Profile Issues for Realtors

Your Google Business Profile is one of the most powerful tools for any real estate agent. It’s your internet base of operations, your center of SEO, and how you’ll get found by more people than ever before.

But… It’s not without issues… When dealing with a complicated algorithm like Google’s technical problems can arise, such as…

  • Your reviews not publishing
  • You don’t have a physical address to put down
  • Your account is unexpectedly suspended
  • Your posts keep getting rejected

In situations like these, it helps to have a technical expert on your side. Luckily you have the best in the business, Mr. Jason Pantana. On this episode of This Week in Marketing, he’s going to show you how to clear up these problems so you can keep your profile ranking at the top of everyone’s search.

And if this episode makes you realize you’re way behind when it comes to your Google Business Profile, never fear – Jason has an entire MarketingPRO module devoted to setting it up the right way from the start!

In this episode, Jason discusses…

0:00 – An essential by troublesome tool

1:26 – Issue No. 1: Review not publishing

4:52 – Issue No. 2: Physical address

9:38 – Issue No. 3: Don’t have an address

12:33 – Issue No. 4: Lost or suspended

15:30 – Issue No. 5: Rejected posts

16:14 – It’s worth it