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7 Best Real Estate Marketing Campaigns to Attract Sellers

What are the best real estate marketing campaigns aimed at doing for you? How about attracting more sellers and taking more listings? Particularly right now, listings are your lifeblood. Because the agent who lists is the agent who lasts.

In this episode of This Week in Marketing, Jason Pantana is going to give you the seven best real estate marketing campaigns to you need to attract more sellers. And keep in mind that these are each campaigns, so you don’t need to be working them all at once. Just choose one or two and get grinding on it.

Watch or listen now to get started.

In this episode, Jason discusses…

0:00 – The necessity of listings

2:50 – AERs

6:18 – Home valuation ads

11:22 – Content CTAs

19:35 – Neighbor-only options

21:32 – Niche Facebook ad campaigns

22:56 – Epic listing launches

24:00 – Geo farming

25:51 – The work is worth it