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Geo Farming for Beginners: Choosing Your Area and Strategy

There’s an opportunity in the market, right now. When some agents hear words like “recession,” they’re inclined to take a step back in their marketing. And for smart agents looking to grow their market share, that makes geo farming an excellent choice right now.

If you’ve ever considered geo farming, this is the episode of This Week in Marketing for you. Jason Pantana is going to walk you through your high-level strategy – whether to start a new farm or infiltrate an existing one – show you how to select your farm, and then break down your geo farming marketing mix.

Just remember, geo farming is a long-term commitment, and when you stick it out, it’s one of the best ways to ensure your area dominance for a lifetime. So, whether you’ve considered it or not, be sure to watch or listen to this episode, right here…

In this episode, Jason discusses… 

0:00 – The geo farming opportunity today

2:43 – Study the competition

5:05 – Accessibility

6:22 – Performance

7:58 – Wild Cards & Black Swans

8:53 – Mailers

11:20 – Events & Open Houses

12:52 – Signage

13:30 – Partnership opportunities

14:48 – Prospecting

15:50 – Online (social, Google, ads)

20:12 – Going Multi Channel

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