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7 Adjustments to Get BETTER On Camera

All videos are not created equal.

Even the most information-rich video will suffer if it doesn’t conform to today’s social media viewer behavior.

So today, Jason is sharing seven tips to increase the effectiveness of your video content.

And it starts at the very beginning – if you don’t have a “hook” to capture the viewer’s attention in the first three seconds, you’re doomed. In This Week in Marketing, Jason will show you how to overcome that hurdle – plus six more tips to ensure maximum viewership of your videos.

Are you willing to adjust your approach in the name of greater results? Watch or listen now!


In this episode, we discuss…

1:14 – Make a powerful first impression

2:35 – Avoid these common pitfalls

4:18 – Call their name (or attribute)

6:35 – Eliminate the deadly “scroll hole”

8:40 – Engagement = Relevance

10:00 – Why CTAs are different on social

11:38 – “Subliminal CTA” examples

13:28 – Is your video compelling if muted?

15:29 – Speak directly to your viewer