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The 365-Day Video Challenge for Real Estate Agents

Last year, David Schwartz and some of his friends were talking about my 30-Day Video Challenge when the idea occurred to them to take it a step further… What if they committed to shooting and posting a video every day for the next 365 days so that they could get on stage at the next Success Summit?

Well, David did make it on stage at Summit, but the lasting results were more profound than he could’ve anticipated. By accepting and sticking to his own 365-day video challenge through good times and bad, David has transformed his life by boosting his confidence, getting closer to his community, and feeling a greater sense of contribution in his work.

Watch my interview with David as I guest host this episode of This Week in Marketing, and afterwards think about what doing a video every day for a full year could do for you. The results might just change your life.


In this episode, we discuss…

0:00 – How David began the challenge

3:23 – The 365-day journey

5:45 – It’s about reaching your community

11:20 – Authenticity and sincerity

14:35 – Doing the reps with prospecting

19:45 – David’s secret sauce

21:54 – David’s goals