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Going Back to the New ‘Basics’ with Social Media Marketing

Something that Jason Pantana has heard often in his coaching calls with new clients is that they struggle to define “success” with social media marketing. So many agents believe that if they’re not famous on social that their marketing isn’t working. But that mindset makes it very difficult to use social media in the right way.

Just look at Long Beach, CA’s Paige Fingerhut Charnick, who has almost 2,000 Instagram followers who all know, like, and trust her. She’s managed to build this following by what she calls, “Going back to the basics.” But “basics” for Paige are a lot different than they would be for many agents out there.

In this episode of This Week in Marketing, Jason interviews Paige about her simple but far from “basic” social media strategy. You’ll learn that focusing on the followers that you already have might just be more profitable than playing to a massive audience.

Make sure to watch or listen, right here!

In this episode, Jason and Paige discuss…

1:22 – Paige’s business

3:05 – Stories from stories

8:24 – Tactics for raised hands

10:53 – Using different platforms

13:10 – Dealing with trolls

15:48 – Reels for referrals

17:55 – Lean into the algorithm

20:20 – What are the “Basics”?

26:25 – Fostering relationships