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The 3 Most Important Marketing Channels of 2023

As we prepare ourselves for the year ahead, one of the most important questions we can ask is, “What are the most important marketing channels of 2023?” Because now is the time when we need to cut the things that aren’t working for us, zone in on where the trends are headed, and build a plan that will guide us no matter what may happen.

Luckily, real estate marketing genius Jason Pantana has run the numbers and read the market, and on this episode of This Week in Marketing, he’s giving you the three most important marketing channels of 2023. If you’re going to boil you marketing strategy down to only three channels in this coming year, you’d do well to choose these three.

Ready for the new year? If you haven’t seen or listened to this episode yet, I’d argue that you aren’t, but you can do that, right here.

In this episode, we discuss…

1:47 – No. 1: Set & Forget

4:32 – 3 things to focus on

7:16 – No. 2: You Guessed It

8:53 – The formats that matter most

11:08 – YTS

13:20 – The key to social media dominance

14:20 – No. 3: The GOAT Marketing Channel

16:28 – Once a week value

19:45 – Get ready for 2023