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Top 3 Digital Marketing Systems for Real Estate Success

Marketing channels create opportunity. But if you want to take advantage of those powerful business opportunities, you also need systems, because that’s where the action happens. On this episode of This Week in Marketing, Jason Pantana is talking about the top digital marketing systems for real estate agents.

People are always crediting systems as the path to success, but almost no one ever goes into detail about what they are and how to create them. Lucky for you, Jason is going to cover what they are, why they’re important, the tools you need, and then give you a complete run down on how to incorporate each system into your digital marketing.

This gets a little technical, so you’re going to want to watch it through a few times, but these systems are absolutely essential to truly massive growth. You can’t afford to not watch or listen, right now.

In this episode, we discuss…

2:18 – System 1: Content Distribution

6:10 – Tools for content distribution

9:03 – System 2: Review Requesting Process

13:09 – How to ask for reviews

17:49 – System 3: Audience Retargeting

20:32 – Who we’re retargeting

24:37 – What we’re retargeting with

27:13 – Continuing your evolution