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4 Marketing Tactics for Local Discovery

Let’s talk about local discovery when it comes to real estate….

No matter the size of your city, even if you’re trying to just attract people who live in your own neighborhood, the odds are that those people will still find your business online. If your customer base is local, it is absolutely essential that your online presence is optimized to help you make those connections.

On This Week in Marketing, Jason Pantana is going to walk you through four marketing tactics that will strengthen your local discoverability and make you the online face of your community.

This one’s important, so you can’t afford to not watch or listen, right now!

In this episode, Jason discuses…

0:00 – What is local discovery

1:18 – Marketing Tactic 1: GBP

4:13 – Marketing Tactic 2: Yelp!

7:35 – Marketing Tactic 3: Location Tagging

11:26 – Marketing Tactic 4: Website SEO

13:53 – 3 categories of keywords

16:06 – How to repurpose content