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Hook & Opinion: The Practical Path to Video Success

What is stopping people from making video for social media? A lot of people say they don’t know what to say on camera. But LA Rockstar agent Taya DiCarlo will tell you that all you need is a hook and an opinion. Some will say it doesn’t seem like it’s worth their time. Taya will say it’s worth $25 million in agent-to-agent referrals in just a year.

There are no excuses, and to prove this point, Jason Pantana talked with Taya about everything you need to start doing video and why you need to start right now. All it takes is a hook and an opinion, and they can help you find the hook – all you need to bring is the opinion.

Make sure to watch this one, because it just might change the way you think about producing content.

In this episode, we discuss…

0:00 – About Taya

3:14 – Taya’s Two Cents

6:00 – Who is watching these videos?

10:12 – Video style

13:55 – Algorithms are changing

17:09 – Is it worth the work?

19:00 – Who is the content for?

23:46 – Instagram content strategy

28:00 – Connect with Taya