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Building a Perfect Annual Marketing Plan for Your Database

What is your best possible source for generating business? I’ve been saying for a long while that it’s your database and sphere of influence, and a new report from the Nation Association of Realtors seems to prove that I’ve been right all along!

Yes, your database and SOI are incredibly important… But how do you effectively market effectively to them over time? You need to have a PLAN. And a plan is exactly what Jason Pantana is going to give you. He’s going to tell you exactly what you need to be doing on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual basis.

You’re not going to want to miss Jason’s brilliant advice, so make sure you watch or listen, now!

In this episode, we discuss…

0:00 – Introduction

3:55 – Daily: Social media

5:23 – 3 steps of social media

7:13 – Weekly: Email

9:12 – Monthly: Print

11:35 – Quarterly: Personal touch

13:10 – Semi-annually: Events

14:28 – Annually: CMA update

15:55 – Ongoing: Google

18:04 – Reach out to Jason!

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