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6 Ways to Leverage 1 Listing into MORE Listings

The average days on market for listings is going up. This could mean that business is slowing down… or… it could be the perfect opportunity to make the most out of every listing! Because let’s be fair, you can’t fully leverage a listing that sells in a matter of hours.

This week, Jason Pantana is going to show you six market channels that will help you use one listing to generate several more. Remember, a listing can either be just a sale or it can be a launch point for geometric growth.

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In this episode, we discuss…

2:10 – The value proposition of a listing agent

4:11 – #1: Hyperlapse Instagram reels

6:48 – #2: Facebook Market and Craigslist

8:25 – #3: The postcard blitz

10:35 – #4: YouTube Commercials

13:40 – #5: Tiktok Ads

15:57 – #6: Geotagged landing page

18:58 – How to rank above everyone on Google

21:21 – Let us know what you think!