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4 Time-Tested Fundamentals for Generating MORE Listings

This week, I want to take a step back and ask how you’re doing with generating your listing leads. So… how’s it going? Is your pipeline full?

If it’s not, Jason Pantana is going to give you four of the best tactics/channels for generating listings and show you how to use them. He’ll even tell you exactly what kinds of videos you should be creating and how these channels work.

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In this episode, we discuss…

1:52 – Tactic #1: Your database

3:24 – Check your attitude

5:05 – Tactic #2: All things Google

6:49 – Choose your leads

8:17 – How LSAs are triggered

9:13 – GBP

12:00 – Biggest priority for your GBP

13:30 – Tactic #3: Geofarming

15:52 – Tactic #4: YouTube commercials

17:21 – 2 ways to run YouTube ads

19:53 – Devise your marketing plan!