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Props and Pillars of a Luxury Marketing Arsenal

It’s easy to become desensitized to marketing tactics when we’re bombarded with them constantly. But do you ever receive a piece in the mail that’s so beautiful it makes you go, “Wow… I didn’t know how much I actually needed this in my life.”

Oriana Shea has a bag full of printed pieces that look like art books you’d buy from a museum and a YouTube channel filled with… recipes? Yeah, she has her own cooking show that directly drives a ton of traffic to her real estate business.

To compete at a top level, you need to tackle marketing from every angle with the most professional, impressive, unexpected pieces that anyone has to offer, and this week Oriana is going to show you the way.

You’ll want to watch the video to get some visual ideas, and you can do that, right here.

In this episode, we discuss…

0:21 – About Oriana Shea

2:20 – Starting coaching

3:41 – Email newsletter

6:16 – Putting together the newsletter

7:26 – When you find the right videographer

9:33 – Cooking videos

10:43 – Doing different types of shows

12:48 – Marketing proposals (with props)

16:00 – Why spend more money on positioning?

18:01 – The buyer consultation

20:14 – Coaching the buyer all the way to contract

23:25 – Best marketing tech

25:05 – Follow-up strategy

27:18 – Cobranding with your agents

28:36 – Why Your Home Didn’t Sell

30:26 – Digital vs print

33:24 – Retargeting and CTAs

35:06 – Other luxury mail pieces

37:27 – The importance of presentation