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Best Marketing Ideas for Launching a Listing

What are your best tactics and strategies for launching a listing? There are so many to choose from and not every combination of tactics works well for every agent. 

Last week on This Week in Marketing, Jason covered what it takes to create alignment with sellers and set the stage for launching a listing in the best possible way. This week he’s opening up his entire canon of effective listing marketing strategies for agents to fuel their playbooks and make sure their listings attract serious offers. 

Showing sellers your competence in marketing homes is your key to success as an agent, so watch or listen to the episode, choose your strategies, and build your plan.

In this episode, Jason discusses… 

0:00 – When to not launch a listing

2:05 – The six buckets of marketing listings

2:50 – Media assets

9:00 – Social media

16:05 – Print assets

21:42 – Open houses

25:42 – Signage 

27:10 – Paid ads