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Real Estate TikTok Tactics, Tech News, & Open Houses

If you’re looking for real estate TikTok tactics, an open house game plan, or the tech news that will take your marketing to the next level, look no further. 

Jason Pantana rolls out a new format for This Week in Marketing, dividing each episode into three sections: News & Updates, a Practical Strategy, and a Short Interview.

This week, he’s talking with Zachary Foust about the knock-out real estate TikTok videos he’s using to draw an audience and spark conversations. Zach is one of the most unique and informative TikTok creators out there and his insights will blow your mind. 

Watch the episode, and then be sure to check out the real estate TikTok videos they reference in the links below:
Gen Z & Millennial Buyers

10 Minute Personal Story

Stop Buying a Home Video

In this episode, you’ll hear about…

0:00 – News & Updates

6:00 – Tips & Tactics

10:30 – Interview with Zachary Foust