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4 Custom-Trained GPTs to Scale Your Real Estate Business

As a real estate agent, you’re likely already using ChatGPT, but if you’re not taking advantage of custom-trained GPTs then you’re overlooking a huge advantage.

In this episode of This Week in Marketing, Jason Pantana will unlock ChatGPT’s most powerful and underutilized feature for scaling your real estate marketing. You’ll learn the four most useful GPT models and how to train them to handle your tasks for you.

If you’re a real estate agent serious about saving time and upgrading your marketing, custom-trained GPTs are a MUST. Watch or listen to get started now!

In this episode, Jason discusses…

0:00 – What are custom GPTs?

5:40 – Create or configure?

7:40 – Property Description Generators

9:20 – Review Ghostwriter

11:15 – Social Media Content Creator

13:30 – MLS Data Forecaster