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Data to Dollars: Marketing as the Knowledge Broker

Everyone wants to work with the knowledge broker in their area. Being funny and charming and successful and offering nice perks are all great, but they will never beat knowing your stuff.

At the end of the day, working with an agent is about the bottom dollar and making smart, calculated financial decisions. That’s what a knowledge broker helps you do. Unfortunately, great salespeople are not always so great at math. But don’t fear…

That’s where people like Jeremy Davis of PalmAgent come in. PalmAgent helps real estate agents find the numbers that matter and use them to become the knowledge broker in their markets.

In this episode of This Week in Marketing, Jason Pantana talks with Jeremy about the numbers that buyers and sellers care about and how to use them in your marketing for maximum effect.

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In this episode, they discuss…

0:00 – Being the knowledge broker matters

2:40 – What PalmAgent does

7:00 – The important calculators

13:00 – Smart social media

17:30 – Rapid-fire marketing ideas

19:38 – Specificity makes the difference

22:00 – Final thoughts