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Database Marketing for Listing Referrals

Database marketing for listing referrals is a hard pill to swallow for many agents. They get caught up in the instant gratification of new leads and stuck in the idea that they can’t get another listing from a seller they just worked with.

It’s true that marketing for listing referrals takes a bit of time and finesse, but your database is proven to be the best bet for getting your next listing.

In this episode of This Week in Marketing, Jason Pantana is talking with Jimmy Mackin and RealScout Co-Founder & CEO Andrew Flachner about the best strategies for database marketing for listing referrals working today.

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In this episode, they discuss…

0:00 – The greatest opportunity for listings

2:51 – Quit the gratification addiction

7:30 – Prepare the value-ad

9:00 – Nurturing

12:20 – Being the knowledge broker

14:30 – Have an opinion

16:20 – ZMA vs. HVA

23:12 – All roads lead to the agent

26:30 – Takeaways