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7 Super Common Video Mistakes to Avoid

The greatest marketing medium which has ever existed in the history of the universe? Yeah, it’s video! It’s so powerful, so effective, and so… EASY to make mistakes with!

This week, Jason Pantana is going to walk you through seven of the most common mistakes real estate agents make in their video content. And if you want advice on how to overcome these mistakes, I’ll tell you right here… Know about them and stop doing them! It’s that easy!

Watch or listen, then leave a comment on YouTube with what you think is the biggest mistake.

In this episode, we discuss…

1:06 – Murphy’s Law of Video

2:04 – Mistake #1 (3 seconds to bounce)

3:38 – Mistake #2 (An invitation goes a long way)

4:18 – Mistake #3 […crickets…]

5:28 – Mistake #4 (“Hey, Jason”)

6:25 – Mistake #5 (Stay classy with the funny)

7:17 – Mistake #6 (Don’t leave content on the table)

7:55 – Mistake #7 (Does something hurt?)

8:42 – Which one is the biggest mistake?