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3 Tips for Better Lead Communication

The federal government has made it mandatory that CRMs allow people to opt out of automatic text messages. There is nothing we can do about that, but also… why would we want to? Having people opt-out of our messages allows us to give more focused attention to the people who are actually interested.

This week, I have Tom Toole on to share three tips for better communication with your leads. Stop wasting time chasing dead ends and put your energy where it matters.

You’ll want to watch or listen, and stick around to the end for a bonus marketing tip which shows results.

In this episode, we discuss…

0:31 – Opt-out laws have changed

1:30 – Tip #1: Put a voice to it

1:47 – Tip #2: Put a face to it

2:27 – Tip #3: The law of transparency

3:57 – A bonus practice for CMAs