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The Do’s and Don’ts of Building a Successful Geographic Farm

You’ve probably heard me say it before: it’s all about relationship marketing. And one of my favorite ways to build these relationships is with a geographic farm.

Farming will not only boost your business, but when done right, could make you the most popular person in your community. I sat down with Monica Carr to discuss how she built her farm into what it is today and how you can build yours. Imagine having people line up to get on your mailing list!

Watch or listen, and you’ll understand why any consumer would be thrilled in live in Monica’s farm and take part in her community events.


In this episode, we discuss…

0:56 – How Monica selected her geographic farm

2:11 – Looking at the trends over time

2:51 – The size of Monica’s farm

3:52 – Ways to go deeper with your marketing

5:00 – A tour of Monica’s farm (this is how you build community)

8:42 — Leverage events to get emails

10:04 – The most fun schedule

10:33 – Marketing on the digital side

11:45 – Monica’s tips for email marketing

13:12 – Mistakes to avoid when building a farm

13:50 – Plan, budget, invest

15:46 – But what if I started a farm and it didn’t work? (It’s math)