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The Big 5 Real Estate Video Avatars

There’s never been a better medium to earn consumer trust and demonstrate your knowledge than video.

But if you’re still floating aimlessly, unsure of where you fit in the video landscape, today’s episode of This Week in Marketing is for you.

In just 13 minutes, Jason Pantana breaks down five real estate video avatars to help you determine the ideal video style you should adopt.


In this episode, we discuss…

1:51 – The Home Tour Boss

3:24 – The Knowledge Broker

7:11 – Search Magnets

10:09 – Goofs & Spoofs

14:03 – Best-Selling Storyteller



Brad McCallum

Taya DiCarlo

Katie Day

Jeremy Knight

Jen Dillard

Krys Benyamein

That Mortgage Guy

Glennda Baker