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Putting Instagram Reels on Steroids: A 13-Minute Step-by-Step Walkthrough

Instagram is always evolving, and right now you can be an early adopter on one of the best opportunities it provides – Reels ads. This is basically putting money behind your short-form Reels videos and gaining the ability to target specific audiences.

On today’s episode of This Week in Marketing, our resident expert Jason Pantana will walk you through the step-by-step process of creating a Reels ad.

Don’t miss this information-packed, 13-minute tutorial.


In this episode, we discuss…

0:45 – A crash course in Reels and Reels ads

2:09 – Where do Reels ads show up?

3:15 – Step 1 to start creating ads

4:06 – Are you using Facebook Business Manager?

5:07 – Getting to the real ad creation process

7:04 – Do THIS or your ad will get rejected

8:45 – Why you might prefer manual placement

10:20 – How to make Facebook and Instagram put their money where their mouth is