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How to Establish Instant Authority in Your Market with Video

What happens when you’re new in real estate and suddenly realize you don’t have a compelling reason for people to work with you?

Wouldn’t it be great if…

…You found a way to build near-instant authority in your market.

…Homeowners never questioned what you’ll do to market their house.

…Consumers recognize the value you bring before you even meet with them.

Calgary Rockstar agent Brad McCallum has this all figured out. With less than three years in real estate, he’s already totally dominating Calgary’s luxury market.

How did he achieve so much so quickly?

One word: Video.

Watch today’s episode of This Week in Marketing to learn:

  • The intentional “alter ego” Brad adopted to succeed in long-form video
  • Why you should never have 8 seconds without any people or narration in your video
  • The benefit Brad sees in editing his own videos
  • A simple video CTA to drive subscriber growth, and so much more

This guy gets it! Don’t miss this one.


In this episode, we discuss…

(Click the orange links to watch the full videos being discussed)

0:41 – Who is Brad McCallum?

2:58 – The epiphany

6:04 – What makes Brad’s videos different

7:40 – “I wanted sellers”

11:39 – Important consumer perspective to keep in mind

14:08 – Witnessing Brad’s video evolution

17:50 – Video editing: Choose your hard

20:20 – Brad’s favorite current video

21:58 – How Brad created his first luxury property home tour video – that wasn’t even his listing!

25:29 – How the Alter Ego factors into Brad’s videos

28:44 – Brad explains his thought process of how to edit videos for maximum impact

30:25 – Different ways to tell a home’s story

36:09 – Deciphering thumbnails

42:55 – How Brad’s kids led to two of the highest sales in a building

46:40 – How to distribute videos effectively

50:15 – Brad breaks down what it really means to be a real estate agent