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Delegating Your Way to Productivity & Fulfilling Life

What does it take to build a MASSIVE social media following, create consistent inbound luxury business, and never miss an important family moment? The answer… Delegating tasks so you can focus on what really matters.

For a long time, Shannon Gillette thought she could do everything by herself – because she actually could! But with a little push from her coach, she managed to find the exact type of assistance she needed to skyrocket her business.

Today, she’s selling more houses (in a higher price range), working less, and feeling better than ever. You’re not going to want to miss my talk with Shannon, where she shares her journey of rising to YouTube stardom, training her VAs, and building a perfect business.

And if you’re joining me at Summit, either in-person or virtually, you’ll get access to Shannon’s full listing strategy playbook for YouTube, so you can R&D the exact plays of a social media master!

In this episode, we discuss…

1:40 – About Shannon

3:15 – Competitive changes

5:15 – Never miss a homerun

6:20 – First step if you’re struggling

7:58 – Transferring skills to your VA

10:04 – All in on YouTube

12:19 – Creating your own video path

15:05 – Getting more views

17:36 – Transaction management team

20:24 – Time spent creating content

22:08 – Managing all the Instagram DMs

25:05 – Get out of the “listing only” mindset