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Expert Advice from the #1 Luxury Real Estate Office Leader

If you haven’t heard the name Betty Graham, you need to brush up on your real estate history. For years she ran the world’s No. 1 luxury real estate office, Coldwell Banker Global Luxury, where she managed thousands of the highest producing agents in the business.

This week, I’m honored to be talking with Betty about how she got started, her journey to the top, and her advice for every agent out there, whether they are running mega teams or just getting started.

No matter what your goals are, Betty’s advice is sure to help you get there, so take my word for it and watch or listen, right now.

In this episode, we discuss…

0:00 – Introduction

1:48 – Betty’s start

5:48 – Getting to California

8:00 – How hardship shapes you

9:00 – Leading through shifting markets

12:27 – Staying socially relevant

14:30 – If you’re stuck…

17:10 – Betty’s biggest transaction

20:14 – Advice to win the listing

25:20 – Stand out and find your tribe

29:00 – Betty’s advice for direction

32:25 – Wrapping up