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Creating Consistency through Systems in Luxury Real Estate

What does it take to generate and manage consistent volume in MEGA high-end luxury real estate? If you ask Mala Sander, she’d say that you create consistency through systems.

Mala learned about creating optimized systems during her 20-year career at IBM, but those systems needed some adjusting when she began selling super-lux properties in the Hamptons. This week, Mala shares with me what works and what doesn’t in her market and how you can systematize your success in the high end.

You don’t need to be living in the Hamptons to find this stuff useful, so make sure to watch or listen, now.

In this episode, we discuss…

0:55 – About Mala’s reluctant start

3:30 – The market in the Hamptons

7:38 – Stock market effect

9:00 – Creating a team structure

13:15 – What attracts business

15:40 – Handling constant volume

17:55 – How to implement systems

19:24 – Mala’s marketing

22:09 – Hot or Not?

24:40 – Mala on video and email

28:30 – The importance of belief

30:32 – Follow Mala and Dino