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Plays that Work in Luxury Real Estate During ANY Market

There are plays that work in luxury real estate during good markets, plays that work in bad markets, and then there plays that work in ANY market. And isn’t it funny how the things that always work are often the simplest (though maybe not the easiest)?

Ann Howarth is a Rockstar luxury agent in Ventura who has worked with her coach Marc Prestera to adapt market immune practices for generating consistent listings. I sat down with Ann and Marc to discuss the conversations to have, the words that work, and the plays to run no matter what the reports are saying.

With the market the way it is, you’re going to want to watch or listen to this, right now.

In this episode, we discuss…

1:08 – Making adjustments

2:43 – Marc’s advised adjustments

3:48 – How the pricing conversation changes

5:24 – Ann’s listing packet

7:40 – Where Ann’s listings come from

9:45 – Calling your database

11:48 – Advice for moving into luxury

14:47 – Hiring a videographer

16:38 – Where Ann’s year is headed

18:15 – Reach out to Ann and Marc