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How to Beat the Inventory Shortage with Tenacity and Service

Times are changing all over the country. In Austin, Texas, there are close to 15,000 licensed agents, and last year they all had to split an inventory of just around 900 homes. As you’d expect from this kind of market, the top 10% of agents rise to the top and close nearly all the deals.

So, how do we get into the 10%, and even better – how do we stand out as the luxury agent of choice? Discussing this question with me is Monica Fabbio. We’re talking big money sales and how Monica is managing to double her sales in this tough market.

Watch or listen, right here.

In this episode, we discuss…

0:38 – How luxury has changed in Austin

2:12 – Tenacity and memory

5:30 – Big money deals in Austin

8:16 – High volume concierge service

11:22 – Know what you want

13:46 – Monica’s iconic listing

15:38 – Biggest challenges

17:16 – Enjoying the fruits of your labor

19:38 – Get in touch with Monica