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From Waiter to Beverly Hills Super Realtor

You don’t just step into multi-million-dollar Beverly Hills listings and start making a fortune. First, you want to find the right mentor, perfect your conversion strategy, and find out what makes your marketing special. Basically, you want to be like Ben Belack.

This week, I sat down with Ben and Jason Pantana to decode Ben’s powerful sales and marketing tactics, including some indispensable advice for using YouTube in a smarter way.

If you’re looking to move up your price point, this might just be the perfect place to start. Listen or watch, right here.

In this episode, we discuss…

0:52 – How Ben got his start

3:38 – Unpacking expired listings (knock or die)

8:03 – Heavyweight objection handling

11:30 – Luxury really isn’t very different

15:23 – Ben’s 5 iconic career moves

19:05 – Parties! Gifts! Mega open houses!

21:21 – YouTube (you can either hope and wait or take control)

25:53 – The Beverly Hills Super Realtor (is a human, too)

30:28 – YouTube as a business card (credibility, trust, feedback loop)

35:05 – Split your channels (helping YouTube index you)

43:47 – A sad story with an inspiring lesson