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Finding the Niche that Gets You into Luxury Real Estate

Imagine this problem: your personal wine cellar is getting so full that you need to find extra storage. The problems of a successful luxury agent, right?! Now, imagine if it was your love for wine that could be your ticket into the luxury market… But what if you don’t like wine? Use something else you love!

This week, the always amazing Ian Batra walked me through how he got his business rolling in the world of luxury and how you could, too. Ian’s magic formula? Merge your world with the world of your clientele. He’ll show you how to:

  • Build relationships by letting clients in on the secrets of realty
  • Make use of his 5 tried and true pillars of marketing
  • Make yourself known and trusted in your communities

If you’re not currently working in luxury real estate or just getting started, you’ll want to watch or listen to Ian’s wisdom, now.

In this episode, we discuss

0:43 – A little about Ian

2:12 – Ian’s 5 tried and true pillars of marketing

4:52 – Do the things you’re really good at

5:53 – Finding your connection to luxury clientele

9:12 – Inside Ian’s sphere

10:21 – Video as it relates to luxury

13:12 – Creating better systems

14:51 – Offer the secret list

17:13 – Immersing yourself in the community

19:13 – Articulate pricing to the client