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Developing a Sixth Sense for Selling Luxury Real Estate

Michael Franco began his career in NYC as a lawyer, but his love for the city soon turned to a love for luxury real estate. In record time, Michael became a power broker in the New York luxury market, and this week, he shares some of his secrets for breaking into high-dollar listings and thriving at the top.

A little hint: leveraging sales, self-promotion, and market knowledge!


In this episode, we discuss…

0:47 – What’s hot in NYC real estate?

3:22 – Get the price right

6:48 – How Michael broke into the high end

8:40 – Leverage that sale!

10:58 – Are you willing to be a shameless self-promoter?

14:25 – Market knowledge greatness

15:12 – Subscribe to EVERYTHING

16:00 – How to translate market knowledge into talking points

16:58 – How do you keep your pulse on every market?

18:45 – Know your city (Full blown New Yorker)

20:58 – What’s your 4-minute mile goal for a transaction?

23:43 – How would you rebuild your business anywhere, tomorrow?