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3 Requirements for Success in High-End Real Estate (Part 2 of 2)

Lauren Grauman, Jon Grauman, and Steven Cohen return with tons more insight into the luxury real estate market in part two of this two-part Luxury Code.

From all three of these Rockstar agents, you’ll sense their genuine commitment to better serve their clients AND live more fulfilling lives in the process. Along the way we unpack:

  • How to surprise and delight at the luxury level
  • Fundamentals for success when starting out in luxury real estate
  • The undeniable importance of authenticity, and much more!

Don’t miss this thoughtful advice from three of the best in the business!


In this episode, we discuss…

0:11 – Rapid-fire: What’s most important to luxury sellers?

0:37 – Defining client experience

1:06 – “How can we provide service that is not expected of us?”

5:06 – If you were starting over tomorrow, what would you do?

7:11 – Leveraging video to make yourself known

11:22 – The importance of authenticity

13:20 – Life skills for success

17:12 – Recognizing how to read the room

19:44 – People respond to passion

20:33 – Your most important initiative for 2022

23:06 – Five distinct camps of real estate video

27:09 – “Our goal for next year is a billion in volume.”

28:58 – Closing wishes for everyone