Breakthrough By Design Kit


With the skills, techniques and strategies you will learn in Tom Ferry’s training program BreakThrough By Design™ you will become more relevant with the modern consumer and more progressive in the eyes of sellers looking to hire you!


Yoselyn Hollow, RE/MAX
“I have two competing trainings happening in my office. One is Tom Ferry’s Breakthrough by Design and the other is a competitor training.” Tom’s Breakthrough is kicking some serious butt! Both started at the same time and after 7-weeks the results are: Breakthrough students at $120k and competitor training students at $60k.“

Included in your BreakThrough By Design™ Kit:BTBD Product Photography
– The Entire Program on 10 Audio CDs
– The Dialogues Workbook
– BreakThrough Journal
– Tom Ferry’s Objection Handling CD
– Tom’s Affirmations CD
– Access to the 10 Sessions of training online for weekly mentoring with Tom
– The BreakThrough Workbook which walks you through each Session and provides you support material

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  • Understand the Mission of the BreakThrough By Design™ Program
  • Shatter Your Glass Ceiling
  • Your Business Cycle



  • Ascertain Your Financial Motivation
  • Create a Specific Nine Week Plan for Your BreakThrough
  • Master Three Important Tools to Keep You on Track



  • Understand What Blocks You From Receiving Referrals
  • Learn the Pattern of the Unique Selling Proposition
  • Master Three Unique Referral Based Marketing Campaigns



  • Make Yourself More Searchable Online in a Few Easy Steps
  • Get More Traffic to Your Website
  • Learn How to Convert Your Online Leads into Appointments and Clients



  • Mega Open House 101
  • Marketing The Best Open House of Your Career
  • Get the Plan to Generate Three Potential Sellers from Every Mega Open House



  • How to Select the Right Farm for Your Business
  • Learn the Marketing Plan to Become the Agent of Choice in Your Farm
  • Receive a Proven Strategy to Attract Listings and Win the “Lost Sellers”



  • Take Leads and Convert them to Appointments Every Time
  • Learn the Secrets to Win the Follow-Up Game with Buyers and Sellers
  • Schedule Appointments Quicker than Your Every Had Before



  • Create the Plan to Work with Your Ideal Buyer
  • Understand the Online Shopper
  • Make the Buyer Process for Efficient



  • Create an Impressive Marketing Plan for Listing Appointments
  • How to Position Yourself (and Become) the Right Agent for the Job
  • Pricing Mastery



  • Create a Business Plan to Take You Through the Year
  • How to Maintain Your New Level of Business
  • Secrets of Mastery and Success of Top Agents