Peter Drucker told us many years ago: All business is innovation and marketing.

We should know this. We should collectively strive for this.

Yet what do we see when someone innovates to provide a better customer experience in real estate?

Outrage. Fear. Consternation. Condemnation.

If you felt any of those emotions when you heard the news that Zillow purchased ShowingTime, it may be time for a long, hard look at yourself.

It’s time to use this news as a wake-up call and channel your misplaced energy into action.

Disruption is a Part of Life… Or Certainly Business

Disruptors have always existed. And as long as people continue seeking better ways of doing business, they will always exist.

Zillow is just being Zillow. They’re innovating. They’re marketing. They’re creating a consumer-friendly alternative to an industry that sometimes feels stuck in the dark ages.

Taking those two things into account – disruptors will always exist and Zillow is just doing their thing…

The question is not “What can be done to stop them?”

The question is this: What are YOU doing to compete?