When you’ve spent 30,000 hours of your life coaching professionals to greatness like I have, you tend to identify some disturbing patterns of human behavior.

Like the little (or big) hurdles that people place in their own path.

One of the biggest challenges I see time and time again might surprise you…

Many, many people in this world don’t believe they deserve success.

Am I talking to you?

Let’s examine this…

Stop the Downward Spiral

With everything going on in the world, you might be feeling down lately.

But that doesn’t discount your self-worth.

You’ve been given an amazing opportunity to live life on the planet Earth here in the 21st century.

You deserve a life filled with wealth, prosperity, happiness, freedom and whatever else you desire.

Do you believe that?

Because here’s what I see when people don’t believe they deserve greatness…

They develop a personal narrative that says they are “less than” and undeserving of life’s gifts.

The trouble is telling yourself negative thoughts like that creates a dangerous cycle:

  • You adopt this negative narrative.
  • You project it to those around you.
  • The more you do so, the more others reinforce it.
  • Before you know it, it becomes “real” because you and everyone else acts like it is.

Again… am I talking to you here? Does this sound frighteningly familiar? I hope not, but if it does, be sure to keep reading.