First of all, we’ve been the No. 1 coaching company in the industry since 2014. And all that really means is we’ve got the largest base of interesting coaches that can help all these different narrow niches, whether you’re a luxury broker, you specialize in vertical living, or you sell raw land. Whatever area you want to focus on, chances are we have an expert to match you with.

The second reason to choose a Tom Ferry coach goes right back to one of Tom’s favorite mantras: “There’s no wrong way to generate a lead.” Where most coaching programs have a one-size-fits-all approach, we work with you to fit your vision of how you want to build your business – not pigeonhole you into our “system” like it’s some sort of magic bullet. (Magic bullets don’t exist, by the way.)

The third reason is this: It’s not just you and your coach. We talk a lot about the ecosystem. You’ll hear that phrase a lot, the ecosystem. Do you know what it is? It’s thousands and thousands of like-minded people just like yourself. You’re joining a community of people that you’ll talk to online and offline. You’ll get access to these agents for referrals, for idea exchanges, for brainstorming, and quite honestly, for mutual camaraderie, right? Because people like us, we do crazy things like this. We sell more homes than everybody else. That’s what we’re all about. And you need to be around people like that. So we create that community effect for you. And then we do training after training after training after training, providing you more content, more marketing, more strategies, more tech support, everything you need to build out your business.