Choosing which program is best for you depends on primarily three factors – your role, your budget, and your ambitions. If you’re a solo agent, Core or Elite are most likely best for you. If you’re a team leader or plan to build a team, one of our Team programs – Growth, Mastery, and Legacy – might be right for you. And if you’re in management, there’s no doubt MGMT should be your choice.

We provide the same high-quality service for each of these programs. The primary differences are the frequency of your coaching sessions as well as the extra benefits included with each program. For instance, Core coaching members meet with their coach twice monthly, where Elite members get the added accountability of meeting with their coach four times per month. Additionally, Core members get discounted admission to events, while Elite members get free access to all of our public events, in addition to the exclusive Elite Retreat.

The best way to determine which program is right for your budget is to evaluate what’s going to truly motivate you to be ready to meet with your coach. If the amount is too small, it won’t spur you into action. On the other hand, we also don’t want it overburdening you and your business. So you need to find that happy medium that works best for you.

When it comes to ambition, it’s really all about how quickly you want to achieve your goals. The more frequently you meet with your coach and immerse yourself in the ecosystem, the faster your acceleration will take place. That’s a question only you can answer.