Back when there was such a thing as live sports, imagine the following:

You buy a ticket to an NBA game… let’s say a Lakers game at Staples Center.

You fight traffic, land a $40 parking spot, grab some snacks and drinks, and finally get to your seat.

The game starts, and you look up in the rafters, and the scoreboard is… missing!

There’s nothing there.

The players are dribbling, passing and shooting, but no one’s keeping score. After some arbitrary amount of time, they decide to stop playing, and everyone goes home.

Tell me…

Would that be the same experience as attending a game where the teams are battling for every important point as the clock counts down to the final buzzer?

No, of course not! If you take away the scoreboard and the clock, all the drama, tension, urgency, and excitement vanishes as well.

So here’s my question to you: Are you playing your game with or without a scoreboard?

Track & Measure Everything!

I’ve talked a lot lately about how strongly I believe you have a window of opportunity to be more productive than ever – for those in the U.S., from now until the election, or possibly through the end of the year.

And one of the most important steps you can take to maximize efficiency is making sure you’re tracking and measuring EVERYTHING you do.

Especially now!

That means having scoreboards up and visual… wherever you’re working from these days.

Put Pearson’s Law to Work for You

Pearson’s Law says, “When performance is measured, performance improves. When performance is measured and reported back, the rate of improvement accelerates.”

So keep your goals and “actuals” in front of you and in the public eye, whenever possible. When they’re up and visual, it’s real. When they’re hidden away in a drawer, it’s not.

Here’s a baseline of what you should be tracking:

  • Goal appointments (and by when)
  • Actual appointments
  • Conversations
  • Calls
  • Call-to-appointment conversion rate
  • Closed transactions
  • GCI/earnings

Add to that list any metrics you know are important to your progress and will inspire you on a daily basis.